Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Mary Blohm

Associate Director, System of Care
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Mary Blohm is an Associate Director of Systems of Care for Novartis

 where she works with health systems to improve their heart failure care.

Mary has worked in pharmaceuticals for over 20 years with multiple pharmaceutical companies. She has had a variety of roles including multiple innovative roles that focus on IDN’s and health systems.  She has also been an account manager for many years for health plans in WI along with Medicaid, hospitals and PBM’s.


Mary loves anything outdoors and lives on the lake in WI Dells,

Mary Blohm’s Session(s)

— 2:15 pm EST
Align Medical Affairs, Marketing, and Communication to Impact HCP Engagement

— 10:30 am EST
Opening Remarks

— 10:30 am EST
Conference Chair Opening Remarks

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